We are in the process of restructuring AIAI, this section is under construction.  Please excuse our mess 🙂

What are AIAI Benefits?2021-02-14T16:47:14+00:00

Our core Member Benefits include the following:

  • Notifications to all AIAI & Partner events
  • Attendance access to all meetings
  • Inclusion into Directory
  • Networking events and members only access
  • Interactive stream access
  • Show Notifications and access for members
  • Community Access
  • Art Center access to Members facilities
  • Featured Artist promotion and marketing
  • Mentorship access
  • Show audition priority for members
  • Discounts and free access for Classes
  • and much more coming!

Plus it’s entirely tax deductible – it’s like it’s almost free!  🙂

Become a member of the fastest growing most effective artist group on the planet.  Join today!

What is AIAI?2021-02-14T16:51:52+00:00

We are an artist collaborative association with the purpose to unite and channel art and artists for the social and cultural betterment of all.   We believe that artists can change the world and do.  We also believe that if we unite we will have an even greater impact and ability to help each other to bind together towards achieving success.  Join us as we travel this adventure.

How Can I Join?2021-02-14T18:14:05+00:00

Thank you for your interest in Artists in Action International and becoming a member.  We appreciate your support.  New member sign-up is easy,  Click on the Join Us link in our menu and fill out the form.  There is a yearly fee which is one of the ways we help support ourselves and keep expanding our influence, scope and features.



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